The Children in Limbo Task Force (CLTF) is dedicated to bringing together people from all sectors and disciplines, who would inspire, support, teach and learn from each other, and who are committed to working towards ensuring a better life particularly for all of Ontario’s children, youth and families who are involved with child welfare.

These resources are provided in order to help people understand the work of CLTF, and the experience of these children, youth and families:

Changing the Script: Relationship is the Key ©

The Changing the Script: Relationship is The Key program offers a forum for foster and adoptive parents to develop insight into their therapeutic work with their children, to problem-solve together, and to share in mutual support.*

The program was first developed in 2001 by Claudia Koshinsky Clipsham, Ph.D, Clinical Coordinator for the Circle for Children Foundation (the Circle). Dr. Clipsham also facilitated the program for many years, in partnership with Dr. Nitza Perlman, Clinical Consultant to the Circle and Birgitte Granofsky, Senior Psychotherapist and Research Associate.

Many times in the elaboration of this notebook I consulted with Jean Skelton, clinical consultant with the Treatment Foster Care program in Cobourg, Ontario. Jean is my “reality-check”: her understanding of the issues affecting children in care and their families, informed by years of experience as a foster parent and by the daily challenges of her work “in the field”, always rings true.

The present guide reflects as well the lessons learned from the foster parents and adoptive parents who participated in the “Changing the Script” program over many years: their example, their insights and their wisdom have grounded the program in the reality of everyday life on the front line.

The first section describes the theoretical foundations of the program, its structure and format, while the second illustrates, through the children’s own stories, the power of relationships to change not only their scripts but our own.

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