The Power Of Voice

Written by Ingrid Palmer As children and youth in care our voices have often been misunderstood, not believed, overpowered, ignored, misinterpreted, redefined, amputated, rendered null and void. When you have lived a life of primarily being impacted upon and have had limited experiences of being impactful, an authenticated, empowered voice is an incredible transformative tool&ellipsis;Read the full post »

Instability In Care

Written by Ingrid Palmer, a member of the Children In Limbo Task Force Rosemary, Sue, Sandy, Brenda, Janet, Sharon, Peggy, Beverly, Jennifer, Suzanne, Lynn, Jen, Erika, Thelma, Katherine, Karen, Catherine, Susan, Magi, Angela, Debra, Holly, Honore, Wanda, Justine….. These are the staff whose names I can remember from my time in a girls group home&ellipsis;Read the full post »


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